The First Infantry are a member of the W.W.II Living History Association, one of the largest  
W.W.II display societies in the UK.
E Company takes part in displays throughout the year up and down the country, from small local
shows to large multi period  events involving 1000+ re-enactors.
Who are E Company?
The members of E Co. come from all walks of life and share an interest in the American Soldier
of W.W.II.
What should I expect from a weekend with E Co.?
You should expect to live a little rough, get a bit dirty, have a lot of laughs, engage in various
drills and fire fights, talk to members of the public, converse with actual veterans, behave with
respect to the men we are commemorating and generally have a great time!
Where else can you get buzzed by Spitfires, be pursued by a Tiger tank, exchange stories
around the camp fire and make new friends in an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared interests?!
We have strict safety regulations. The battles do involve strenuous activity such as running and
Our age restrictions are 16 to 55 and  there is a height restriction of a minimum of 5’5”.
This is so we can continue to portray as accurately as we can the GI in the field.
What are the membership costs?
Membership of the LHA costs  around £21.00 a year, this covers your Insurance.
A subscription of £20.00 per year is paid to the First Infantry to cover unit admin and goes
towards purchasing unit equipment  that is available for all to use. This includes webbing and
other equipment that new members can borrow until they purchase their own.
What equipment do I need?
You will need to obtain the uniform and equipment of a US W.W.II rifleman as this forms the
basis of all roles within the Unit.  The LHA allows the use of blank firing weapons at it’s displays.
Members also have deactivate weapons for display purposes.

For more information click on the ‘EQUIPMENT’ link in the tool bar above.

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